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How we helped the Barbara Bush Foundation create a digital transformation strategy


The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy (BBF) is on a mission to solve the literacy crisis currently faced by the US. One hundred thirty million adults in the United States struggle to read, making it difficult or impossible to navigate everyday life.


The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy is the philanthropic leader in literacy programs, education, and advocacy in the United States. Over several decades, the foundation has developed print resources and expertise from its many programs and services. The BBF executive team sought to create a digital strategy to disseminate their many assets and provide their core constituents access to their trove of programmatic content.


We worked with the CEO, Chief Operating Officer, Vice President of Programs, and Program Leaders at BBF to develop a digital strategy to engage their core constituents of learners, parents, caregivers, and educators. BBF sought to deliver resources nationally and track their reach and impact. To achieve this, we leaned into categorizing and digitizing their resources and creating consumer-like experiences that make it simple to access resources and track constituent reach and engagement. We designed and built a modular content platform that was easy to use and manage by the team at the foundation.

The End Result

The Barbara Bush Learning Resource Center is now live and expanding, adding more modules and resources for learners and teachers alike.



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