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How we helped chegg money provide expert answers to struggling students


Chegg is the leading college student consumer brand, providing support with homework, exam prep, and writing, from first day to finals.


Chegg was looking to build the financial literacy skills of their student customers, with the goal of empowering them to make informed financial choices regarding student debt. It was important for Chegg to empower students to make smart choices in the areas of finance, as well as education.


We understood that, as an organization operating primarily in the education space, expanding into the finance sector meant that Chegg would have to achieve industry-specific goals to begin building their reputation in this new sector. The challenge was to achieve this goal without disrupting the day-to-day running of the core business.

We began by running a series of internal inventory meetings to discover and leverage Chegg’s existing technology, thought leadership, and student marketing assets. Why rebuild from the ground up when something is already working so well?

With a firm understanding of Chegg’s capabilities in mind, we conducted in-depth research to identify their target audience’s point-of-need behaviors and unmet needs. We discovered that, when it comes to learning financial literacy, students prefer short answers, delivered by experts they trust. We were as shocked as you are.

The End Result

Based on our intake and research, we ideated, designed, and built an engagement 
funnel and platform that would successfully bring students into the world of
financial literacy and keep them engaged. We developed and tested a series of 
prototypes, before launching the platform now available to all students at 


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