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Innovation Strategy Day

We believe innovaton is applied creativity. Let’s work together for a
day to discover and actualize your
true innovation potential.

Your Roadmap to  Successful Innovation

What is an Innovation Strategy Day?

When you book an Innovation Strategy Day with C\R Partners, you’re signing up for the first step of the C\R Aligned Product Framework: an end-to-end process that
de-risks innovative projects and delivers successful outcomes on time and on budget.

The Experience

Unlike traditional research protocols that begin with developing a hypothesis and then prove it out to establish a conclusion that no one can successfully criticize or undermine, our Innovation Strategy Days use a series of tried-and-tested intake questions and practices to surface unmet customer needs and truly original ideas.

Why It’s a Great Place to Start

Innovation has often been described as mysterious, unpredictable, even risky. And yet, savvy organizations know that innovation is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Before you dive head first into a company-wide innovation program that could cost millions of dollars and leave even your most brilliant team members scratching their heads, why not gain clarity and guidance by spending a day with our team of innovation experts?

Strategy Day Objectives

One of the most powerful features of the Innovation Strategy Day is that we can
tailor the objectives to meet the most pressing needs of your organization. That said,
some common objectives are…

Common Strategy Day Objectives:

Ideate new product opportunities close to the P&L centers to leverage current market reach.

Quantify unmet customer needs into new features or products

Assess team and program innovation readiness through a capabilities assessment.

Participate in a customer touch-points workshop to create an exceptional user experience.

Identify market opportunities for new products and services and clearly define the customer point of need.

Develop a roadmap that all executives across the company can rally behind.

Map out a focused GTM for new products in production.

Design the engineering architecture to successfully scale your D2C or B2B product.

Shelly Eckenroth
Sr. Vice President Branding, Communications and Experience, Select Medical

The C\R Team’s ability to listen, synthesize, and create a strategic digital innovation roadmap is unmatched. Their blend of high-level problem solving skills, keen intuition and creativity has been an invaluable asset to my company and team. They are consummate collaborators who are always ‘on’.

What You Take Home

Innovation Readiness Blueprint

We created the C/R Innovation Strategy days with
a single goal in mind: demystify the innovation
process for our partners and provide them with
something tangible and actionable. With that in
mind, every Innovation Strategy Day generates a
fully customized Innovation Readiness Blueprint.
Inside your blueprint, you’ll find…

Product discovery initiative overview

Discovery and readiness phase objectives

Learnings and

solutions proposal

Aligned Framework
rollout guide

Free 60-Min

Next Steps

To find out whether the C\R Innovation Strategy Day is right for you, schedule a free 60 minute consultation with one of our innovation experts. During the consultation, we’ll dive deep into your organization’s needs, goals, and current innovation challenges. There’s no obligation to retain our services any further, and you can keep any innovation knowledge bombs we drop during the consultation. We’re good like that.


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