Case Studies

We Build Products With Purpose.

Goal: Empower students to gain financial literacy.
Challenge: Make it easy for students to find and receive expert financial advice at their point of need.
Innovation & Outcome: Chegg Money was created by insights gleaned from student interviews and the vision of the executive team. The product is now embedded into the Chegg student flow for students to better educate and prepare for their future.
C\R Partnered with Chegg Money to: Design and develop the product by embedding with the Chegg team and leveraging their technology stack, shared services and product input.
Goal: Improve caregiver mastery.
Challenge: Provide caregivers with the tools, support and access to educational information that will enable them to master their caregiver role and improve patient outcomes.
Innovation & Outcome: The CHET community connects patients, caregivers and loved ones in a private community, and puts expert medical educational material in hands of the caregiver. CHET is in pilot mode in a clinical setting, and will launch in 2021 to a larger set of hospitals.
C\R Partnered with CHET to: Take the original caregiving concept and bring it to fruition. C\R designed, developed and integrated the product into the enterprise setting.
“Frances’ ability to listen, synthesize, and create a strategic digital innovation roadmap is unmatched. Her blend of high-level problem-solving skills, keen intuition and creativity has been an invaluable asset to my company and team. She is a consummate collaborator who is always ‘on’.”
Shelly Eckenroth, Senior Vice President, Communications, Branding and Experience at Select Medical
Goal: Make cancer rehabilitation the standard of care.
Challenge: Build and launch a new venture and rehabilitation service by leveraging an existing business footprint.
Innovation & Outcome: ReVital was brought to life through the leadership of the CEO and the executive team to foster a new business unit that could thrive within an existing clinical footprint. The new business unit has achieved its growth and financial goals.
C\R Partnered with ReVital to: Develop the brand, website, media assets and customer stories. We provided strategic and tactical advisory services to begin to scale the offering and drive incremental revenue.
“C\R Strategy Partners provided invaluable guidance and support to get our new business off the ground. Frances helped challenge some of our thinking, and in the process helped us identify new approaches and opportunities to better align the business. Our partnership with C\R led to a revised go-to-market strategy, and has positioned our brand for explosive growth."
Pete Manning, Vice President, Revital Cancer Rehabilitation
Goal: Make it easy for consumers to easily engage with Select Medical across their continuum of care.
Challenge: Unify 128 hospitals websites into a unified brand experience and content management system.
Innovation & Outcome: Point of need access to high quality post-acute care facilities for patients and their caregivers.
C\R Partnered with Select Medical to: Develop a strategy to design, build and implement the new corporate website and content management system.
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